Naturop4tt3s supplements in a nutshell.

Naturo P4tt3s is a young, proudly Quebecois animal naturopathic company. Created by an animal lover, Aude wants them to be able to live fully with the best possible health and quality of life.


Aude, who is the founder of natural supplements, is an animal health technician who pursued studies in animal naturopathy, subsequently she did several trainings in animal nutrition. Convinced that many health problems are based on poor nutrition, with these products she wants to give animals a boost.


So here in a few words, the best description of each Naturop4tt3s supplement.


Marine collagen

Use for joints, bones, skin and hair.



Filled with good things like vitamins, minerals, amino acids and omega.


Wheat grass

Filled with good things like vitamins, minerals, amino acids and omega.


Bee pollen

Useful to counter seasonal allergies, as well as to restore energy to sporting animals.


Goat's milk

Strengthen the digestive and urinary system.



Useful to counter allergies of all kinds, strengthen the immune system, beautify teeth, skin and hair.



Useful for the urinary system, effective in countering infections.



Useful for digestive disturbances.



Useful for skin allergies and maintaining digestive health.


5 mushrooms

The ally against cancers of all kinds.



Packed with protein.


Nefic bay

Antioxidants of choice.


Diatomaceous earth

Eliminate intestinal parasites and repel fleas and ticks.



Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory of choice.



Anti-inflammatory of choice



Useful for the digestive system and improve energy.


If you have any questions about Naturop4tt3s supplements, please do not hesitate to ask them. 




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